Nissan 300ZX 1994 Gasoline for sale

Location BEN LOMOND, California
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Nissan 300ZX 1994 Gasoline for sale - 1994 Nissan 300ZX
1994 Nissan 300ZX.

1994 Nissan 300ZX Z32
Expertly built hi performance daily driver... no expense sparred and all work done by Nissan Master Technician.
Yes it's not a TT. What it is though is frankly one of the nicest examples of what can be done with these cars. I've built many Z's. S30's Z32's 3's and 4's. I'm a fully factory certified Nissan Master Technician. I've had 4 Z32's... to this day I still find them to be one of the best all around vehicles ever produced. They serve as a great platform for everything from daily driver to edge of extreme track weapon! Unfortunately the vast majority of these cars have been destroyed by time and or abuse. This was and remains an exotic sports car... and 90% of them are abused and or poorly modified by people that had no business touching these cars!
This car was bought with the purpose of building an extremely nice driveable reliable quick street car which was also a bit of a sleeper yet can absolutely rail twisty back roads and track day runs. I built it to close to like new condition only modified better the way it should have been built new. I've built TT's I wanted to see what I could pull off with an NA (I always had a soft spot for them given that they are a much truer version to the spirit of the original S30's than the TT's). Mission accomplished. This car is fast handles like a dream and is an extremely tasty car driving and appearance wise. Many subtle and tastefully done exterior and interior mods done to make the car more contemporary appearance wise.
Federal emissions version. Purchased in Los Angeles 112010 with 119K miles as a completely bone stock unmolested unmodified clean vehicle. Clean Title and pulled CarFax history car was a lease at first in Florida then moved to LA were it lived most of it's life. No rust what so ever clean straight body and clean interior. I chose this car as a perfect starting point for my build. Completely disassembled at 127K I've gone through literally everything on this car. Please see list below.
I don't want to sell this car... but I also find my life situation recently dramatically changed and I need to buy another home now. So now I must find my car a new home. The person that gets this car will be getting something that just can't be purchased today. This is simply one of the best ever cars built by someone that specialized with great pride and morals in these cars. In today's digital disposable cars the essence of a car that is a raw yet refined driver that has soul and character is lost. This car was truly the apex of late model cars from an era when Japanese manufacturers were still building something designed to last. This is essentially a new 20 year old car. It now has 137K miles (10K since build) and has performed flawlessly.
I performed ALL work on this car.
Build list highlights as follows
-JE Pistons (87.5mm bore 11.01 compression ratio)-
-Engine block machine work performed by HAT Racing in San Rafael CA to exact JE specs also performed engine rotating assembly balance of crank rods pistons crank pulley flywheel and clutch-
-New OEM crank and rod bearings individually sized for specific locations to set optimum clearances-
-JWT 500 Cam set and heavy duty valve springs-
-JWT ECU mapped specifically for this build but also to remain smog legal-
-Competition valve job and intake exhaust match port work performed by EdCo in Petaluma CA-
-Z1 Motorsports CNC upgraded large diameter throttle bodies (intake manifold port matched)-
-AMS under-drive pulley set-
-Fidanza lightened flywheel and Center Force clutch-
-Z1 Intake Hardpipe kit-
-All engine compartment hoses (cooling pcv power steering etc) replaced with Z1 silicone hoses (including lower radiator hose hardpipe kit)-
-Z1 hi flow K&N air filter-
-CSF aluminum increased capacity radiator.-
-Dual electric cooling fan set-up with DIF PWM variable speed fan controller on custom mount bracket-
-Earl's performance hi capacity oil cooler-
-Brand new OEM oil pump oil pressure sending unit Tbelt water pump covers etc-
-Brand new Optima Red Top battery-
-Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator (eliminated OEM fuel press reg and damper) all new Nissan fuel hose (not crappy leaking aftermarket hose) with custom fuel hardpipe and JEGS fittings. Fuel press reg mounted on custom designed bracket.-
-Stillen Stainless Steel exhaust headers with exhaust heat wrap.-
-Specialty Z 2.5" Stainless Steel exhaust with dual round tip mufflers. Specialty Z midpipes (heat wrapped) currently not installed put OEM cat midpipes back on for smog quieter for daily driving. Also comes with JDM turbo downpipes that will work with this exhaust in case ever decided to change to a TT set-up. Chose the 2.5" exhaust for freer breathing increased power to match internal engine mods.-
-BDE engine mounts-
-ALL engine compartment wiring rebuilt using updated Nissan OEM weather tight connectors. Fuel injector circuit re-wired so 12v is now switched ignition (extends injector life dramatically). Power transistor relocated remaining front of engine wiring (temp switches) re-routed to clean up engine improve tbelt service. Too many more wiring improvements too list but all done in a factory fashion and unless you know these cars you can't tell any of it has been changed improved.
-New OEM TT alternator-
-Powder coated intake plenum cooling pipes brackets etc.-
-Custom painted throttle cable cover.
There is so much more to list with the engine build such as ARP bolt kits all OEM gaskets many more tasty mods etc etc. No expense was spared in this build. This engine was built to be basically a brand new hi performance engine. I'd race a 350z with this car any day. This is also one of the cleanest yet not gaudy engine compartments. No chrome and flash just tastefully done in black and green to match the car. Engine was broken in on a dyno at Fine Line Imports in Santa Rosa CA. Oil Changed immediately after dyno break in again at 500 miles and then again at 1000 miles (even removed oil cooler and drained). I have warmed this engine up to operating temperature EVERY TIME I have driven it (single biggest cause of premature engine wear is not warming up). This engine is extremely throttle responsive and revs very quickly and has plenty of torque. It spins the rear tires with no effort (I do love driving sideways!). I never did dyno HPtorque runs but this should be a 290-300 hp engine. It's certainly more then fast enough for anything from daily driving to autocross track days etc. The build turned out exactly as I hoped and this engine has an incredible amount of character and soul it revs breaths amazingly and always delivers!
-Completely rebuilt using all OEM components.-
-Z1 one piece platinum driveshaft-
-Clutch damper line eliminated-
-Stainless Steel clutch line-
-New clutch master and slave cylinder-
-New OEM transmission mount-
-CZP upgraded clutch pivot ball-
-CenterForce clutch-
-Vodoo aluminum round shifter knob- puts shifter about halfway between stock (too long) and short throw (too low). Also made a custom aluminum shifter mid sleeve to match up with shift knob from shifter boot.-
-New shifter bushings-
-Red Line gear oil used in trans and rear differential
-KYB AGX adjustable struts front and rear with Eibach Pro-Kit spring set (lowers 0.8")-
-New power steering rack and tie rod ends with Energy Suspension rack bushings-
-Stillen front and rear adjustable sway bar kit-
-Z1 Motorsports adjustable upper control arms-
-AMS adjustable front tension rods-
-Brand new OEM lower control arms (only way to get new ball joints) with Energy Suspension Urethane bushings-
-Complete Energy Suspension Urethane rear bushing kit installed where new links did not eliminate including rear differential bushings-
-Rear subframe collars-
-AMS adjustable rear upper control arms-
-AMS adjustable rear toe arms-
-SPO rear eccentric lock out kit-
-Circuit Sports adjustable rear lower control arms-
-Installed rubber boots over all heim joint style ball joints-
-Z1 Motorsports 13" big brake front rotor upgrade (with slotted rotors)-
-Nismo longer front wheel studs and Z1 Motorsports wheel spacers for caliper wheel clearance with big brake kit-
-Z1 Motorsports slotted rear rotors (not yet installed)-
-New Sumitomo brake pads front and rear (rear not yet installed)-
-Comes with front and rear complete caliper rebuild kits. Wanted to sand blast paint calipers but have not had the time to do so.-
-Front and rear stainless steel brake lines-
-New brake master cylinder with Z1 master cylinder brace kit-
-New front wheelbearings-
-17" black 5 spoke wheels with Sumitomo tires-
-Custom designed 1 off set of Z emblem center caps CNC'd out of aluminum and anodized hard black-
-CZP front and rear black powdercoated engine undershields
I'm sure I'm forgetting other things. The entire suspension chassis was gone thru and replaced with new components. This car handles like a dream goes around a corner with an amazing amount of grip composure and stability and is completely adjustable with the highest quality components. With a set of sticky track tires this car would be scary good in how well it handles. I didn't buy the super sticky tires because I planned on driving the car... weekend get away road trips etc. So with just average tires (which still have a ton of life on them) the car handles awesome... and it's just waiting to be set-up super aggressive for track day useage! I purposely didn't buy coil overs for this car the return for the money just isn't worth it unless you're are doing A LOT of track days or racing etc. Combined with the fact that coil overs notoriously make street ride quality pretty terrible the KYB AGXs were a great solution. Like I said the car handles amazing!
-Complete paint job using non water based paint (no longer legal in CA)- painted original dark green. Painted by Bruce at Carl's Auto Body in Cotati CA. The man can lay paint!! All tiny dings etc massaged fixed prior to paint job. This was not a cheap fast paint job this was done strictly hi quality and right. After the car was painted it sat in my garage for approx 6 months while I completed the build. This allowed the paint to truly finish curing.
-Nissan 99 JDM front bumper fascia with shaved front license plate mount matching JDM front bumper (the actual aluminum bumper) front bumper screen (no cheesy chicken wire screen) and JDM turn signals.-
-Nissan 99 JDM clear tail light 3 piece kit-
-Nissan JDM nose panel with Z emblem-
-New OEM 3rd brake lite (the black piece in the hatch lid above tail lights that fades to ugly!)-
-Shaved eliminated rear window wiper (why was this ever there)-
-Shaved eliminated power antenna. Installed an interior amplified antenna for those that like to listen to the radio like me but hated the ugly antenna!!-
-Audi TT aluminum fuel filler door. Purchased from junk yard with a piece of the Audi fender we (me and my friend who does custom body work for a living) cut out the original filler door and grafted in the Audi one. To take it a step further I polished the Audi fuel door pieces and then had the hard anodized black. Reassembled using Stainless Steel socket head cap screws. This is an extremely tastefully done modification. The filler door operates off the stock filler door release handle. The curvature of it matched up perfectly with the fender curvature. It looks like it came on there from the factory. This one mod really brought the car into this century! It also really ties in well with the custom Z emblem wheel center caps that I made.-
-ALL new trim weatherstrips (windows glass doors t-tops etc.). That got expensive and worth the money tho!-
-New windshield wiper arms-
-Fresh tint on rear quarter glass and rear hatch glass-
-Z1 Motorsports brushed aluminum gauge bezel rings-
-Pristine brown carpet out of a wrecked Z that had 40K miles-
-Heater core out of same wrecked Z- was nothing wrong with original but guy offered it for free when I was buying interior parts so I figured what the heck!-
-Driver door replaced due to damage that didn't appear on CarFax. Original door was straight not badly damaged but the door handle mount was failing so replacing door was best easiest solution. Also has new OEM driver door hinges.-
-New left and right power window track rollers (no annoying window rattles)-
-Complete backtan 2 tone interior. I spent months scouring Craigslist to find a complete set of clean black interior components so that I could transform my brown interior into a 2 tone black tan interior. Nissan definitely should have offered this!! Turned out awesome! Found a close matching material to make the door panels matching 2 tone.-
-Custom built stereo amplifier enclosure with access lid. Upholstered in same material used on door panels. Also has a custom CNC'd aluminum Z emblem (identical to Z emblem center caps) installed center front on enclosure that can be seen between the seats as well as 5 hard black anodized CNC'd aluminum vent ports. Super tasty little details.-
-Stereo system Kenwood KDC-X995 head w bluetooth- mic installed on steering column Kenwood front and rear speakers (front speakers mounted in OE Bose door enclosures with my custom made mount adapter plates rears installed using OEM non Bose speaker brackets) Kenwood 10" subwoofer in Z specific left side mounting enclosure Kenwood 4 channel amp for speakers and Boston Acoustics amp for subwoofer. Also ran the USB connector for Ipod USB stick into the center console (it came with a nice mounting plate) as well as an additional 12v power port next to it so that chargers Ipod phone can be in center console and not sticking out of the ashtray area!! Another small detail tasty mod. Separate stereo amp power run directly from battery using high quality StreetWires audio kit. All stereo wiring done to the highest quality just like what I did with engine compartment and all wiring.
-Seats were re-covered just before I purchased car. There is a company in the midwest that sells leather replacement covering kits. I wanted to do a black tan 2 tone kit to match the rest of interior but haven't done so yet.
I'm very happy with how the appearance of this car turned out. I think the results speak for themselves!
Also this car has lived in a garage ever since the paint was completed. It has literally spent a total of maybe 6 nights outside. Only driven 2 or 3 times in the rain since the build (didn't want to but no choice!).
This car was a labor of passion and love to say the least. I got to apply my 25 years of Nissan and specifically Z32 knowledge and experience into building this car. Like I said I don't want to sell it but life dictates I must. Whoever gets this car will be getting a rare car indeed. Nothing that can be bought today matches the soul this car has. It is a high performance car that can be daily driven is fairly low maintenance and gets 24 MPG on the highway. I have receipts for everything I did and an excel spreadsheet listing what I've spent on this car. Unless you have the skill set to do this type of thing yourself you couldn't build this car for what I'm selling it for. My goal is to find the right owner for this car... it matters to me where it ends up. Ultimately you need to see this car to appreciate it though if you know these cars you'll know that this one is the real deal.

Vehicle is located in Ben Lomond CA.

Financing Nationwide Shipping And Warranties Available To Qualified Buyers Stock Number: A91839U

Make: Nissan
Model: 300ZX
Year: 1994
Color: Green
Fuel: Gasoline
Transimssion: Manual

Price: $22500

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